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Radar Detector Shop
The Radar Detector Shop has been advising on and providing speedtrap detection equipment for over 15 years and is the market leader and 'go to' place for radar detectors.

Drivers Technology
Information for car drivers regarding the development and the technology of the motor car.

Safety & Security

Child Seats
Providing Recaro child seats for your car at realistic prices.

Vehicle and Asset Security
Protection for your valuable assets such as high end cars and satellite navavigators with products such as vehicle tracking and car safes and other security devices.

Car Care

Diamond Wheels
Alloy Wheel refurbishment from Diamond Wheels

DT Concours
Car polishes and waxes, carnauba wax, clay bar, car preparation, valeting and concours.

Sports Cars

Porsche 968
The Porsche 968 is the culmination of the very successful front engined water cooled Porsches.

German Sports Cars
German Sports Car website includes Audi, BMW, Mercedes, Porsche and VW.

Car Show UK
Information on the makes and models of cars.

Porsche 924
The baby Porsche of the 70s born out of the Porsche and VW relationship.

Porsche 944
The Porsche 944 was a further development of the 924 with a more sporty appeal and bigger engine options.

Porsche 993
The iconic Porsche 911 has been through many developments but this is deemed to be the last 'real' 911, being the last with an air cooled engine.