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Speedtrap Detectors

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Radar Detectors
The Radar Detector Shop stocks GPS speedtrap detectors and satellite navigation. Products include the Road Angel, Cheetah and Snooper.

Pogo Alert
Pogo release the Pogo Alert speed camera and accident blacksport warning device and the Pogo Drive satellite navigation with integrated safety camera and accident blackspot locatator.

Road Angel
Supplies Road Angel GPS speedtrap detectors, laser detector and satellite navigation and recently the Road Angel Adventurer 7000 for the outdoors with Ordnance Survey mapping of national parks.

Suppliers of the well known Snooper laser and radar detectors to help you avoid speedtraps and accident blackspots.

Road Pilot
Morpheous Geodesy and Road Pilot products supplied via the internet.

Road Angel
Supplies Road Angel speed camera and accident blackspot detectors as well as satellite navigation devices.

Car Parking Sensors
Providing well known parking sensors such as the Laser Pro Park.

Information on all aspects of GPS including devices such as satellite navigation units.