Google Search Results

The game changed when Google realised it's potential and changed from a search company to an advertising company.

Now it's an advertising company the results pages are a mess, for any sort of competitive search term above the fold results are mostly adverts and you also have the adverts down the right hand side so natural good content listings are not shown above the fold.
Result=very poor search results when it happens to be a competitive search term.

Here's an example, do a search for 'accounting software' in my results the only natural listing I can see above the fold is
So that's 1 natural listing and the rest is adverts that are paying Google to be above the natural listings.

So if you want listings based on the content within the page rather than how much the vendor has paid an advertising agency, don't bother with Google. You could try or

Mark Spencer © 2013

You might ask:
Why would a site that is paying to be found for a competive keyword be any worse than a site that appears in the organics?

The obvious answer is that the site content and information could be rubbish, paid avertising doesn't distinguish, it is still shown at the top regardless of quality of content.
Also competitors in the same market place could pay for the keywords and get above the actual topic you are searching for e.g. a search for DFS gives adverts for CSL and SCS above the natural listings.
DFS search on Google shows competitors as well.
This is misleading and dilutes the results from what you are looking for.
Natural listings are based on good content contextual within the site based on the search term.
It's a good business model for Google to make billions while they can. I'd certainly be doing it and Google will do it until their bubble bursts.