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K300 Local news - Manchester

Local news from in and around the Manchester area.

Mum who witnessed fiancé Michael Grimshaw being fatally stabbed 'cannot face returning home'
Sunday 23rd July, 2017 08:58 PM

A fundraising campaign has been set up to help Mr Grimshaw's family in the wake of his tragic death

Man released without charge after police rule that young woman's death was not suspicious
Sunday 23rd July, 2017 08:35 PM

Police are no longer treating the death of Natalie Brown, 28, as suspicious

How I survived my first 24 hours in Strangeways
Sunday 23rd July, 2017 07:58 PM

One former lag tells how it frightened the life out of him

'High profile' drug dealer known as 'Pacman' is jailed after a daring undercover police operation
Sunday 23rd July, 2017 06:52 PM

Six police officers posed up as shop customers to snare on-the-run drug dealer

All the biggest trailers from Comic-Con including Stranger Things 2 and Justice League
Sunday 23rd July, 2017 05:47 PM

San Diego Comic-Con has been happening this weekend and we have seen trailers from Netflix's Stranger Things 2 to Thor and Justice League

The Greater Manchester fugitives hiding out in Europe's holiday hotspots
Sunday 23rd July, 2017 05:32 PM

They are hiding in resorts where thousands are heading for their summer holidays

Girl, 13, assaulted as she walked through a park in Leigh
Sunday 23rd July, 2017 04:17 PM

The young girl was walking through Westleigh Park when she was grabbed by a man who approached her from behind

Tributes paid to young woman found dead in her home in Wigan
Sunday 23rd July, 2017 03:47 PM

Police have launched a murder investigation and are trying to establish how Natalie Brown, 27, died and whether or not it was the result of foul play

If you watch pornography online this change in the law will affect you
Sunday 23rd July, 2017 03:40 PM

The government has made a major change to the law. Plus this is what you can and can't view online

Powerlifter shrunk from 19 stone to a size 10 - now she can lift what she used to weigh
Sunday 23rd July, 2017 02:45 PM

Lynzi Shepherd, 29, now hopes to inspire others who are struggling with their weight to start powerlifting

The boy with a rare condition that means he eats plastic and cardboard
Sunday 23rd July, 2017 02:01 PM

The parents of four-year-old Marco Slawycz, who has autism, are planning a trip to America to try out a new therapy for him

Flight attendants hate it when you ask for Diet Coke and here’s why
Sunday 23rd July, 2017 02:00 PM

It's just another soft drink so what is it about Diet Coke that makes it such a nuisance to flight attendants?

How to get free or cheap entry into airport lounges
Sunday 23rd July, 2017 01:34 PM

The lounges at Manchester Airport might be tempting but they don't come cheap, so what can you do to get in for free?

The driving test is going to change soon, here’s how it will be different
Sunday 23rd July, 2017 01:21 PM

Changes to the driving test are coming into effect from December of this year, here's what they are

It's the busiest weekend of the year at Manchester Airport - 15 ways to make travelling easier
Sunday 23rd July, 2017 01:17 PM

What should you pack for the airport? What is the limit for liquids?

Punter spends the night trapped in bar bin shed after taking a ‘wrong turn’
Sunday 23rd July, 2017 12:14 PM

The woman had been enjoying a night out in a city centre bar with friends when she took a wrong turn and ended up locked inside a bin shed.

Corrie's Kym Marsh slapped with parking ticket after beauty salon pamper with boyfriend
Sunday 23rd July, 2017 12:07 PM

Corrie beauty Kym Marsh didn't look too pleased to find the parking ticket after lengthy salon session at Evelyn's salon in the city centre with boyfriend Matt

The Pokemon Go-style app where you can win holidays, beer and PS4s - just by walking around
Sunday 23rd July, 2017 11:03 AM

Snatch functions like Pokemon Go, except instead of catching monsters you can win free pints, or even a trip to Amsterdam

Coronation Street star's hen do at celeb haunt Neighbourhood
Sunday 23rd July, 2017 10:51 AM

Coronation Street's Sonia Ibrahim revealed her romantic engagement earlier this year - this weekend was hen do time at Neighbourhood

Murder investigation launched after young woman found dead at her home
Sunday 23rd July, 2017 10:31 AM

The 27-year-old woman was found at her home in Hindley Green, Wigan, on Saturday night

My boss said I couldn't use mental health 'as an excuse'
Sunday 23rd July, 2017 10:24 AM

After her experience, nursery nurse Amy Fletcher is now calling on employers to pledge their support for more understanding of mental health issues in the workplace

Spectacular video shows the skies above Manchester on airport's busiest ever day
Sunday 23rd July, 2017 09:49 AM

The hypnotic footage shows just exactly how busy our skies are becoming, and how important our air traffic controllers are

Live: Manchester breaking news - Sunday, July 23
Sunday 23rd July, 2017 08:00 AM

Manchester Evening News' breaking news service

Secrets of the city's celeb haunts - how DO bars and restaurants become celebrity hotspots?
Sunday 23rd July, 2017 08:00 AM

Manchester is known for its celeb haunt bars and clubs, but how do you become a celebrity hangout?

Man who shed 20st after being told by doctors he would die within five years shares his transformation
Saturday 22nd July, 2017 09:00 PM

Since shifting the pounds, the 43-year-old from Manchester has soared in his career, come out as gay, and is now training to be a personal trainer