Radar Detectors

The popularity of radar detectors in the UK are as a result of the amount of speedtraps that are cropping up around the UK which are of growing concern to the average motorist, with the police forces exerting more and more pressure to decrease the tolerance of the speed enforcement cameras more motorists are being caught out than ever, hence the use of radar detectors.

The argument rages whether a lot of the speeding convictions are justified. People that have previously had clean driving licences are now being targeted for straying over the speed limit just a few miles per hour and are turning to radar detectors to help keep them legal and their driving licences clean. You may have had a clean licence for the past 30 years but if you go over the limit by 3 miles per hour you find yourself with a £60 fine, 3 points on your previously clean licence and also in some law enforcement circles you will be branded the same as a paedophile, rapist, murderer or drug dealer.

Some of course suggest that the law is the law and that any criminal act is as bad as any other. The argument ensues when a speed camera is positioned in an area where the speed limit may seem unjustifiably low and so radar detectors would be justified, for instance on an open road where there appears to be no significant road hazards. In this case where is the real danger, and so can a low speed be justified, and therefore should a criminal offence be made out of straying over the limit by a few miles per hour.

The authorities feel that it is justified to the point that one old aged pensioner was sent to jail because he refused to pay the fine in such a circumstance. An independent trafffic adviser later went on record as saying that the circumstances did not warrant such a low speed limit. The driver in question had driven to the road, traffic and weather conditions prevailing at the time and ended up in jail.

It proves that in todays society there is a definite divide between the Law and Justice. The law is indeed a blunt instrument which all too often has little to do with justice.

With a bit of common sense the individual needn't have gone to jail, but maybe the authorities wanted to set an example that no matter how unjust a law or speed limit might be, and no matter how unpopular the decision might be, the law is the law and it must not be disobeyed.

It's a shame that so often is the case that so many criminals preying on and actively seeking out victims don't seem to be as vigourously pursued by the police as does the errant motorist.

If the money for the cameras that are sited unnecessarily had been used for police man hours possibly crime rates and victims of crime may have been reduced.

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