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Internet Explorer 8 Accelerators

Accelerator ad ons in Internet Explorer 8 can be to say the least, very annoying, if you are trying to select text in IE 8 you get the accelerator popping up and spoiling the selection.

You may have tried going to 'Manage add-ons' in 'Internet Options' and found that even if you disable all the add-ons you still get the accelerator popping up when you select some text. This I am sure is one of Microsofts little games to make things as difficult as possible for a standard user.

Here is the fix, while IE 8 is open :

  1. Click on 'Tools' in the top menu bar.
  2. Click on 'Internet Options'.
  3. Click on 'Advanced'.
  4. Look in the 'Browsing' section and find 'Display Accelerator button on selection'.
  5. Uncheck the box.
  6. Click on 'OK'.

Job done.

Mark Spencer © 2012